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One big vaccine fact
you need to know

Watch this urgent presentation now for answers to 3 critical questions…PLUS, new options you may not hear from your doctor...

Dear Reader,

It was an election year, a deadly virus was spreading, and people were panicking.

Some doctors believed the outbreak could be the worst since the 1918 flu pandemic that killed 675,000 Americans.

The president didn’t want to shut down the economy and saw a vaccine as the best hope to end the crisis.

So he issued an emergency order to develop a vaccine faster than one had ever been produced before.

Sound familiar?

I’m not talking about 2020 –

This was 1976.

Gerald Ford was president and the swine flu was about to sweep across the country.

Some researchers predicted a million Americans would die.

But no one was prepared for what happened next—And, as you’re about to see…
We are standing at a similar crossroads
right now

In the next 60 seconds, I want to show you what’s really at stake with the vaccine mayhem that’s about to ensue.

I want to show you what life will look like over the next six months

Prepare you for the difficult decisions ahead…

Show you why the government could take away your freedom to choose at all…

And most importantly—

Reveal new options you will not hear from your doctor.

Options that could save your life.

But first, I want to show you why now, more than ever, we need answers to the hard questions. Like…

Are you getting the FULL story on the vaccine?

Already there is one critical fact about the new vaccines getting lost in the headlines.

And what if the country’s rushing too fast, making decisions based on fear…or worse, greed

Forbes estimates Moderna could add a staggering $35 BILLION in revenue to its bottom line, after all.

But worse, what if that fear builds and builds until...

You don’t even get a choice?

You either roll up your sleeve, take a chance on a rushed vaccine…

Or get shunned and locked out of everything you love.

My name is Amanda Angelini.

I’ve been in the health research field for twenty years.

I’m proud to serve as the director of an organization designed to fact-check mainstream medicine.

It’s a network of doctors from across the country who see mainstream medicine for what it often is—

A multi-billion-dollar business that treats you like a sucker instead of a patient.

One that bullies patients into treatments and makes them feel “crazy” for asking questions or seeking other choices.

And right now, this couldn’t be more apparent.

As you listen to this presentation, dosages of a fast-tracked vaccine are shipping around the country.

Pharmaceutical companies are racing to seal their legacy as, “The biggest in all of Big Pharma…”

But in this special presentation created by our researchers, you will get the  answers to 3 critical questions.

Plus one big fact about the coronavirus vaccines getting lost in all the headlines. 

Because while every media outlet is heralding them as a beacon of hope out of the pandemic crisis… there are important facts you have a right to know...

And you should be free to make up your own mind.

First, I want you to know—

“Headline News” will make you feel crazy for second-guessing a fast-tracked vaccine. But if you are, know that you’re not alone. No one wants history to repeat itself…

Remember the eerily familiar story I told you at the beginning of this presentation? In 1976, President Ford rushed a swine flu vaccine to the public. Experts assured everyone it was ready.

So 45 million Americans lined up to get it.

And only then was a devastating side effect discovered.

A small, but significant number of recipients developed a paralyzing condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome.

The vaccination program was quickly halted, but the damage was done.

450 people were paralyzed. Thirty people died.

Small numbers—yes. But consider this fact: That outbreak of Swine Flu ended up killing just one person.

So in this example the vaccine actually did more harm than the disease itself.

Obviously, the coronavirus has already done much more harm than Swine Flu, so the potential for the coronavirus vaccine to help more than harm is much greater.

But, this isn’t the only example…

Take the polio vaccine. Today it’s considered a huge success, but there’s one part of this triumph story that’s rarely told.

Cutter Laboratories, the company who produced the vaccine, made a terrible mistake in its first version.

It accidentally produced shots containing live polio virus…and injected 120,000 children with it.

70,000 kids were infected with polio, crippling 164 and killing 10.

Is history repeating itself right now?

So far, thankfully, the answer is NO.

However, the coronavirus vaccines are being rolled out far faster than either the polio or swine flu vaccines.

A vaccine can take up to 15 years to develop, go through long-established safety protocols, and produce enough doses for the public.

Big Pharma, along with the U.S. government’s help has done it in less than 9 months.

On top of that, at the time of this report, 64 different coronavirus vaccines are in human clinical trials.

So your choice will be complicated to say the least.

That’s if you get a choice.

Legal precedent for mandatory vaccination has already been set thanks to a 115-year-old Supreme Court ruling on the smallpox vaccine.

So it’s in their power.

And right now, schools, airliners, and entire states are asking whether the vaccine can be forced upon the public.

With a new administration taking over, the urge to declare victory over the virus will be at fever pitch…so forcing a vaccine on the public is entirely within the realm of possibility.  

It’s a terrifying concept, especially when you consider how the government and public health experts have stumbled through this pandemic every step of the way, with so many unknowns…

Remember, we were told we didn’t have to wear masks, now in many places, it’s mandated.

Some believed the warmer months should kill the virus, then summer saw infection rates skyrocket.

We were being advised to quarantine our mail and sanitize our groceries. Now none of that seems to matter and, instead, we’re being told we need to keep away from our loved ones.

And Big Pharma? They’ve proven time and time again they’ll sacrifice lives for profits and this could be the biggest cash cow in the history of medicine!

That’s why I’m sharing this critical information with you today…

No matter what they tell you—it’s your right to ask questions. And to choose how you protect yourself and your family.

That fundamental right of all Americans is what drives the work of The Institute for Natural Healing.

Our expert board of health professionals and doctors has been monitoring the spread of the coronavirus from the very beginning.

And now that multiple vaccines are available—we want to arm you with answers to critical questions none of the “powers that be” seem to be willing to address

Starting with…

Can you really trust the 90%+ coronavirus vaccine effective rate being touted by Big Pharma?

This bombshell fact was published in Time Magazine, but somehow flew under the radar of the mainstream media outlets falling all over themselves to promote the new vaccines.

But the Time report shows a twist you’re never going to hear from Big Pharma.

The truth is, companies like Pfizer and Moderna use the term “effective rate” very liberally.

Both measured their vaccines to prevent COVID-19, not stop infection from the virus. People had to have at least two symptoms of the disease before they could get tested.

But some reports estimate one in five people are asymptomatic—and these people would likely never be tested to begin with.

That means the study didn’t actually compare how many infections there were between those getting the vaccine or a placebo.

And up to 20% of the people who received the vaccine still could have been infected!

That’s a pretty glaring omission to consider when putting out a 95% effective rate.

And what about safety?

As of our latest update on this report, just 3 of the coronavirus vaccine front runners have been granted emergency approval. They have either completed or nearly completed the third and final trial, which tests on thousands of patients for efficacy and safety.

You may have seen the headlines in December about the Pfizer vaccine completing their Phase 3 trial. It was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

However, even then, they only accounted for 2 months of data following the first dose.

Phase 4 trials collect data on long-term safety and efficacy. And while all approved vaccine makers plan to continue to collect data… all anyone sees in the headlines is that they’ve completed Phase 3 trials and have been found to be safe and effective.

But we don’t fully know how things will shake out over time!

But here’s one thing we do already know…

Even if the infection doesn’t give you symptoms—the vaccine might.

As NBC News reports…

“Scientists anticipate the shots will cause enervating flu-like side effects, including sore arms, muscle aches, and fever that could last for days and temporarily side line people from work or school.”

And finally…

If effective rates still aren't fully known…and longer-term safety data is incomplete…

Which vaccine—if any—is the best option for you and your family?

As I said, right now—there could be 4 different types of vaccines to choose from.

Each one comes with its own pros—and cons…

Genetic vaccines are fast and inexpensive to make, but…

It’s untested technology—the coronavirus vaccine would be the first human genetic vaccine in existence.

Protein-based vaccines have been used for decades, but…

The immunity may be weaker than other kinds of vaccines.

Viral vector vaccines produce strong immunity but…

This is still a relatively new technology and some researchers are warning of strange side effects… like one type of viral vector vaccine developed for HIV actually increased the risk of HIV.

Whole-virus vaccines are the most tested form of vaccination but…

They can be dangerous for people with a weakened immune system, especially with a virus as unknown as the coronavirus.

Plus, each individual vaccine can carry its own set of risks.

And time is running out—you could be forced by a new administration to make this vaccine decision at any moment. Which is why…

You need the FULL details to help guide you on what to choose and what NOT to choose—and you need it fast.

That’s why the Institute for Natural Healing is doing something unprecedented today.

Coronavirus Vaccine Survival GuideWe are releasing a detailed Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide and I have been authorized to send you a copy today…FREE.

I’ll show you exactly how to claim yours in a moment.

This is an emergency guide filled with every piece of vital information we’ve uncovered on this deadly virus—and how to fight it—over the last year.

Every detail you will not hear from headline news is here…

All of the truths and critical facts on the coronavirus and its vaccines that every American citizen has the right to know. Including…

  • The pros and cons of each type of vaccine coming down the pipeline…
  • How to choose between the 4 types of vaccines, and…
  • The 3 critical questions you need to ask before getting a vaccine.

But that’s not all—your Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide is also filled with complete details on…

The promising COVID-fighting strategies being completely IGNORED by the mainstream

Here’s the thing: Even if ALL of the potential vaccines do end up being safe and effective…the fact is, it will be months until enough doses are available to roll out to the general public.

Factor in the phased distribution schedule proposed by experts, and you and your loved ones may not be able to get ANY of the highly anticipated vaccines until next the earliest.

So—what are you supposed to do in the meantime, as the pandemic continues to tear through towns and neighborhoods across the country, leaving a staggering death toll in its wake?

There are things you can do right now to help protect yourself from becoming a victim of this pandemic.

Our researchers have spent the past several months tracking down and investigating promising solutions and treatments you will not hear about from Big Pharma or mainstream medicine

Solutions like…

The misunderstood mineral that one COVID-stricken M.D. credits with bringing him back to life

Dr. Ananda Prasad shared his story directly with our researchers at the Institute for Natural Healing.

Dr. Prasad is considered the world’s foremost authority on an often-misunderstood trace mineral known to have stellar antiviral abilities…

So much so, we’re calling it the A-V Virus Shield.

But when Dr. Prasad and his wife were diagnosed with COVID-19, he depended upon the A-V Virus Shield he had spent a lifetime researching, along with the experimental treatment hydroxychloroquine, to help.

And at the age of 92, it was no easy decision.

But Dr. Prasad knew this one mineral could help fortify his immune system.

Research shows it can…

  • Help prevent viruses from entering the body by strengthening mucus membranes and the lining of the respiratory tract.
  • Inhibit viral replication inside the body, meaning it helps prevent viruses from reproducing. And…
  • Balance the immune response to reduce inflammation. This could be critical in helping to prevent the so-called “cytokine storm” caused when the immune system overreacts to the coronavirus. This out-of-control inflammation is fatal in some COVID patients.

On top of that, this mineral helps your body create more infection-fighting white blood cells.

While this mineral has not been tested directly against COVID-19…

Dr. Prasad bet his life on his life’s work—and it paid off. As he told us…

“It was like a miracle. I got my energy back. My appetite came back. I came back to life.”
-Dr. Ananda Prasad

And in the time since his “gamble,” research has shown it might not have been much of a risk at all…

Researchers have discovered that COVID-19 patients in Spain with low blood levels of A-V Virus Shield have a 2.3 times greater risk of death than those with higher levels.

This is the kind of information you need to know NOW—and your Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide is packed with solutions that can help protect your health.

Just like…

The easy, 3-step technique to “washing away” deadly viruses

Caught up in the avalanche of information over the last year was a breakthrough study published in the journal, Nature.

Thankfully, it didn’t slip by our researchers at the Institute for Natural Healing…

The study tested a single 3-step “Wash-away” technique in patients with other coronaviruses, as well as rhinoviruses (the virus behind common colds), and the influenza virus.

Half of these 66 patients did this one simple technique that can easily be performed in the home, the other half did not.

The group who performed the “Wash-away” technique…

  • Had a significant reduction of runny nose, blocked nose, sneezing, coughing, and hoarseness of voice than those who did not…
  • Got over their illness a full two days faster than those who did not…
  • And were LESS infectious in households by 35% and experienced less viral shedding than those who did not.

Once the pandemic hit, these researchers wrote,

“[This technique] should be considered as a treatment option for COVID-19.”

Coronavirus Vaccine Survival GuideHas it been? No.

Has “headline news” reported on it? No.

Has your doctor told you about it? I doubt it.

That’s why it’s critically important to claim your copy of our Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide today.

It not only outlines all the comprehensive details you need to make the best decision for you and your loved ones regarding the coronavirus vaccine…

But you’ll discover safe, alternative solutions you simply will not hear about from Big Pharma or mainstream medicine.

I’ve reserved a copy in your name and I’ll tell you exactly how to claim it in just a moment. And I urge you not to delay, since there’s no telling what will happen when Big Pharma gets wind of this detailed expose.

Especially considering what else your Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide contains…


  • The common medicine you can get in any Target, Wal-Mart, or supermarket that could cut risk of COVID death in half!

A new study following 412 hospitalized COVID-19 patients found that those taking a daily dose of this safe, widely available over the counter medication were nearly 50% LESS LIKELY to die from COVID-19.

Not only that—

They were 44% less likely to be put on a ventilator…

And 43% less likely to be put in the ICU…

Or what about…

  • The ONE thing healthcare workers are doing to “train” their immune systems to stop coronavirus in its tracks?

Healthcare workers have been doing this ONE thing for years to protect themselves from getting sick while caring for highly contagious patients. It essentially “trains” their immune systems to shield them from infection.

And now, new research from the Netherlands shows that hospital employees who did this ONE thing were 39% less likely to test positive with coronavirus than their colleagues who didn’t.

Or what about…

  • The unlikely plant extract that researchers think may save COVID patients from deadly lung inflammation?

A recent animal study concluded “[This natural plant extract] may be used as a therapeutic candidate in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions, including COVID-19.”

Researchers believe this plant extract may help reduce the deadly, inflammatory cytokine storm that occurs in the lungs, killing many COVID-19 patients.


  • The tried-and-true “sleep trick” that could be a surprising ally in the fight against COVID!

Analysis of patient data from the Cleveland Clinic found that patients using one common “sleep trick” lowered the risk of testing positive for coronavirus by 28%!

We will provide full details on each of these overlooked treatments in your FREE Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide.

You shouldn’t have to wait months for a vaccine to protect yourself from the pandemic ravaging through every town in the country.

There are safe, science-backed treatments available RIGHT NOW that can help keep you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

And you deserve to know about ALL of these options for your health…

PLUS every critical piece of information needed to make a SAFE decision about the upcoming vaccine.

That’s why our experts at the Institute for Natural Healing have written up every important detail on these virus-fighting solutions…and compiled them into one, comprehensive Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide.

This is urgent material that cannot wait – which why I’m going to tell you how to claim your FREE copy of this urgent guide and how you can gain instant access to it in just a moment.

But that’s not all. Not by a long shot.

Essential Healing Book

In addition to your FREE Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide, right now, we are also giving away 1,000 copies of our bound and printed behemoth of cures…

Essential Healing: A comprehensive guide from the cutting-edge of medicine.

This is a 504-page masterpiece…researched, compiled, and edited by The Institute for Natural Healing and it can be yours for FREE.

That’s not one, but TWO FREE gifts for you to have at the ready, with all the details you need to protect your health from any threat…just when we all need it most.

I’ve reserved one copy of each in your name. And I’d be glad to show you how to get them. You won’t pay shipping and you can have instant access to your Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide while you're waiting for your bound copy of Essential Healing to arrive.

You’ll find all of the information above about how to combat deadly viruses within it, but that’s not all…

Your personal copy of Essential Healing reveals…

  1. The all natural IPT treatment that has been shown in vitro to be 10,000 times more powerful than chemo alone..
  2. The brand new “Sabin Technique” that puts a bullseye on arthritis, eliminates pain and renews damaged joints.
  3. A liquid Israeli cardio solution that helped clear clogged arteries 5 times better than any prescription in one study. (And tastes delicious!)
  4. A simple Chinese weight loss secret that works better than gastric bypass?

And so much more.

Across America, doctors may not even know about the types of natural alternative treatments we’re about to expose…

But at INH we’ve realized there is strength in numbers

Which is why our research team has worked tirelessly to develop an extensive network… to identify as many brave, pioneering, and innovative doctors and scientists as we can.

We won’t hesitate to step forward to share the full story on their silenced, life-changing treatments.

We have used our resources and connections around the world to uncover information on the most powerful natural solutions for fighting today’s most common (and deadly) viruses and diseases…

And while you’ll find countless examples of these in your free copy of Essential Healing

We feel the ones I mentioned above are so important, you absolutely must see them today.

In fact, when you gain instant access to your Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide, I suggest you head directly to the A-V Shield material so you can know exactly how to start protecting yourself while reviewing critical information on the upcoming vaccines.

You’ll have your urgent special report emailed to you right away and your 504-page book mailed to you—at no extra cost.

But there’s so much more you’ll discover in your two FREE gifts today.

Allow me to give you exclusive information on them right now, starting with…

A strange Mexican treatment that can kill up to 10,000X more cancer cells in vitro than chemotherapy alone.

I’m going to share stories of patients with advanced lung, prostate, and colon cancers…

Patients who were told they had just months to live

Miraculously still alive and cancer free years later thanks to this treatment.

And, you’ll hear how it’s reportedly achieved …

Unheard of remission rates as high as 95%… in a small group of patients with small tumors.

The treatment itself, known as IPT, involves injections of a simple, clear liquid.

For 70 years, it remained little more than a family secret, successfully treating disease for desperate patients in Mexico.

Until finally, in the 1990s, when it was discovered that IPT is the secret to exploiting cancer’s biggest weakness—and killing it.

It was first witnessed when a cancer patient was diagnosed with deadly squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue…

A horrible prognosis you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.


After IPT treatment, the patient reportedly recovered and was CANCER-FREE.

From there, IPT was used to treat some of the deadliest cancers imaginable including…

  • Lung cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Bone cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Pancreatic cancer

And that’s just a small sample.

After years of treating various cancers, doctors using it reported results that are simply unheard of…

  • A 95% full remission rate for tumors smaller than 4 cm that hadn’t been treated previously with other therapies (like chemo or radiation)
  • An 80% full remission rate for tumors larger than 4 cm with no other therapies previously used
  • And full and partial remission rates up to 70% for recurrent and metastasis when other therapies were previously used
    *Cases aren’t typical for most cancer patients.

And if you take a look online, you’ll find similar success stories of patients lucky enough to have discovered this treatment…

Like Carrie T. from Montana who says, “I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a 6mm malignant tumor.

After IPT, my prognosis now is very good…

“Ultrasounds revealed the tumor
is nothing but a shell.”

And then there’s Tracy M. from San Antonio, who was facing a terrifying lung cancer diagnosis. She says…


"After my diagnosis, I felt that my life was finished and that I would probably not see my family again.”

But after trying IPT, everything changed for the better…

As she puts it…

“I had a CAT scan of the lung at the South Texas Scan Center and the radiology specialist reported that the mass had disappeared.

I could not believe that I had been successfully treated.

Six months later another x-ray reported the absence of cancerous tumors.

At the moment (15 years later) I continue to enjoy life and good health.”

“My lung cancer disappeared.”


And then there’s James U. from Connecticut who writes…

I had stage 4 prostate cancer. Very serious.

Because it had spread, (metastasized) the urologist suggested I start an anti- androgen therapy, commonly called a ‘chemical castration’. 

He explained there is no cure, I would lose my hair and go through ‘male menopause.’”

I was willing to do it if there was no option but… my wife Teresa called a friend that knows a lot about medicine. They recommended IPT.”

And that’s when everything changed for James. As he puts it… 

“The size of my prostate is now near normal and no traces of other tumors can be seen in ultrasound scans.”

“There is no cancer activity and
the tumors are gone.”

These are astonishing, atypical results. But anyone with cancer deserves to know about IPT so they can make a fully-informed decision about their treatment choices.

So, how does IPT accomplish such incredible results?

IPT works by starving and attacking
cancer cells at the same time!

In fact, because IPT makes cancer cells so much more vulnerable to cancer drugs, doctors have found that they can use 70%-90% less chemo than traditional methods!

Yet, despite the science behind it and growing oncologists’ support…IPT never went mainstream. It’s truly astonishing.

All the while, American big pharma profits have skyrocketed…

American big pharma profits graph

All while life-saving natural treatments like IPT are forgotten…

Which is why we work so hard at The Institute for Natural Healing to share the details of these remarkable natural breakthroughs to the public.

So they don’t get lost and forgotten for another 70 years.

You deserve to know about ALL the options—beyond big pharma.

And today, along with your urgent Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide, you’ll learn everything about IPT inside your very own copy of Essential Healing.

This masterpiece finally gives you full access to information about the biggest cures and insights our institute can offer.

Just keep watching and I’ll tell you exactly how you can get your copy of this 504-page book free along with instant access to your urgent Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide.

But first, let me tell you about the next treatment on our list...

It’s a must-see breakthrough that has doctors convinced that...

Near-complete and total relief from arthritis and chronic pain is now a reality

It’s all thanks to a brand-new treatment known as the Sabin Technique, after one of its earliest pioneers.

And you’re about to see how it’s not just healing a lucky few… but achieving unheard of recovery rates of up to 100% in some scientific studies.

It’s quietly being used right now to help conditions such as…

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Damaged Knee Cartilage
  • Degenerative Discs
  • Torn ACLs
  • Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tears
  • And even Paralysis due to Stroke

And whether the pain is in the hips, back, shoulders, or knees

The Sabin Technique has the power to bring real relief

And the science behind it is stunning doctors worldwide...

In fact, Dr. Natesh Parashurama who’s led more than 30 studies on the Sabin Technique for both Stanford and Harvard says,

“This will change medicine forever.”

And when you look at some of the studies we’ve compiled here at The Institute for Natural Healing, it’s easy to see why.

  • A small study on 5 patients conducted by the University of Liverpool was able to repair damaged knee cartilage for 100% of the patients treated after 12 months. One was even able to avoid a costly knee replacement surgery.
  • A study on 10 patients with agonizing hip osteoarthritis published in the Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery found that 100% of participants treated with the Sabin technique were able to walk and move better afterwards. Yes, 100 PERCENT.
  • A study published in the journal International Orthopaedics tested 26 people with lower back pain from degenerative discs. All were considering spinal fusion surgery. But after treatment with the Sabin Technique, 21 of the patients were so much better they avoided the surgery completely.
  • And doctors from the University of Oregon treated 10 patients with a ruptured ACL—an injury that normally requires up to nine months of rehabilitation—and 7 out of 10 were able to regain nearly full function within just 3 months.

And that’s just a handful of the stunning research we have on file.

In fact, there are over 4,500 clinical trials involving the Sabin Technique right now.

So how does this work?

The Sabin Technique is a non-invasive treatment that works by doing something surgery and drugs simply can’t…

It harnesses your cell’s own healing powers to help renew damaged ligaments and joints.

So instead of masking the pain like addictive drugs… or filling you with metal plates, screws and stents like expensive surgeries…

The Sabin Technique actually targets the root cause of pain… helps renew the damage and has even left some patients virtually pain-free

And patients aren’t shy about sharing their shocking recoveries online…

Patients like Gabriel Marks from Los Angeles.

Gabriel was 55 but still keeping up with skiers decades younger on the most difficult slopes.

Then he started feeling stabbing pains in his knees and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

Doctors told him his only hope was a grueling surgery to replace both knees.

But Gabriel decided to go another route… he tried the Sabin Technique.

And now four years later…

Without expensive surgeries, addictive drugs or wallet-draining rehab of any kind…


Gabriel is back to intense skiing.

In fact, his knees feel so good he’s taken up a second sport, competitive long-distance cycling… routinely biking 200 miles at a stretch.

He even won California’s prestigious Triple Crown cycling award.


Gabriel avoided a double knee replacement and became a medal-winning cyclist thanks to the help of the Sabin Technique

Dunking Basketball

And then there’s John B from Orlando, Florida.

For John, walking just a few steps was agony.

His doctor told him he needed to have surgery to replace the joints in his hips…

But instead, John opted for the Sabin Technique.

The simple treatment lasted only an hour and a half and…

After just two months John was more active and pain-free than he’d been in years.

But one of the most incredible stories comes from Sonia C. out of New York.

Sonia suffered a debilitating stroke that left her partially paralyzed in one leg.

But then she heard about a trial study for the Sabin Technique being performed at Stanford University

And that’s when her life changed forever.

She says the improvement was instantaneous.

As she puts it, “My leg is about 95% better. Everything is good and it’s only getting better.”


But here’s what’s so incredible about this story… She wasn’t the only one!

There were 17 other patients treated with the Sabin Technique who all had results similar to Sonia.

And these weren’t small transformations.

According to chief science officer, Dr. Kristin Comella …

“We literally have patients who have come out of wheelchairs and are walking again.

Yes, the Sabin Technique is that life-changing...

In fact, because of these results… it’s currently undergoing its first trial study for ALS as we speak.

But its promise is also part of its downfall.


Because the Sabin Technique may have the power to completely replace surgery and prescription pain killers…

Which again means a potential profit loss of tens of billions.

And while the FDA can’t stop valid research…

They have completely turned their back on the growing Sabin Technique industry, likely hoping it will fail.

Right now there is zero regulation…

But luckily, The Institute for Natural Healing has done the work for you.

On page 313 in your free copy of Essential Healing

We tell you everything you need to know about finding a qulaifited provider of the Sabin Technique and also provide you with 7 “must see” tips every pain sufferer needs to know about this technique…

In a second, you’ll discover exactly how you can get your life-changing book shipped directly to you, along with instant access to your urgent Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide FREE…

But first, let me explain how the next treatment on our list could be your only hope against America’s #1 killer.

In fact,

One study showed this delicious Israeli drink helped clear clogged arteries 5 times better than any prescription drug

But the study that shows its power has been forgotten for years…

And the statin industry desperately hopes its contents are never revealed.

But that’s exactly what The Institute for Natural Healing is doing today.

Because while statins can lower your cholesterol…

They’re also linked to more than 300 adverse side effects.

Even worse, they do virtually nothing to deal with the clogged arteries which are responsible for 1 in 4 deaths every year in America.

But while Americans suffer…

Israeli scientists have finally discovered a breakthrough in clearing atherosclerosis, every cardiologists’ white whale.

Sure, it looks like nothing more than a tasty beverage but this natural drink has the power to change millions of lives.

It was first widely tested on mice where its power to clear blocked arteries was first demonstrated…

But scientists remained skeptical until researchers finally put it to the test in a human trial.

But they didn’t just test it on ordinary patients, they tested it on patients with severe atherosclerosis… meaning their arteries were 70%-90% clogged.

And what they found is nothing short of amazing

Patients drinking just 1 glass a day washed away 30% of the deadly plaque buildup in their arteries after just one year

To put that in perspective, one of the most popular statins in America went on a marketing blitz after showing just a 6% reduction in plaque.

Which means the natural Israeli treatment cleared 5 TIMES more plaque in this one study than America’s leading statin can.

Not to mention, patients in the study who took the placebo actually increased their plaque buildup by 9% over that same period…

So patients drinking this simple beverage had 40% cleaner arteries after just one year than those who didn’t!

Even better, patients also saw a 21% reduction in blood pressure and 90% reduction in LDL oxidation (meaning their cholesterol was less likely to stick to artery walls).

Friend, this simple, tasty drink could be the key to not only clearing lethal artery plaque …

But also easing fear of a deadly heart attack.

So what’s keeping doctors from prescribing this at the first sign of high cholesterol or plaque buildup?

$19 billion.

That’s the current size of America’s statin industry. It’s more than the economy of a modest sized country.

And just like a sovereign nation, the statin industry will do anything to defend itself from enemies.

Which is why studies on this natural, artery-cleansing drink are relegated to the nether regions of the internet.

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He was morbidly obese at 385 pounds.

But instead of having him start on a traditional diet or count calories like you might think...

The scientists had him do something completely revolutionary...

Something that had Wang on his way to shedding almost 5 pounds a week in no time.

By the end of the study Wang had lost 112 pounds without counting a single calorie!

To put that in perspective, the average weight loss from gastric bypass surgery is 108 pounds.

So how did he do it?

By taking a completley different approach to weight loss.

The scientists found that truly losing weight had less to do with how much a person eats or exercises...

And more to do with the specific bacteria living in their gut.

They found that too much of a very specific bacteria predisposes people to getting fat and staying fat...

It’s almost like an obesity parasite.

In fact, when Wang first signed up for the study... a full 35% of his gut flora was made up of this fat-building bacteria.

But the scientists at the university taught him a very specific method of clearing it and replacing it with healthy disgestive bacteria.

By the end of the study, they could no longer detect ANY of the obesity bacteria in Wang’s gut!

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  1. A simple Chinese weight loss secret that works better than gastric bypass?

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